Dundice Podcast

Dundice (Also known as Dungeons & Diceappointments):
We’re an actual play podcast playing D&D5E to create an experience out of the ordinary and let your mind travel to a far off fantasy! It all started with the love for D&D and storytelling as a general media. Now 36 Episodes in and thousands of downloads we couldn’t be more grateful of how everything turned out.

This time we’ve gathered up some friends from some of the biggest Swedish Podcasts including: Vi Spelar Rollspel, Svartviken Rollspelspodd & Bortom.
It’ll all start of with a panel at the ”Heroes Talk” Stage where we discuss aspects of both roleplaying, storytelling and podcasting. After that we’ll be in our own booth and play, teach and discuss TTRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Games) with all of you!
What an amazing time to be alive!